Who We Are

The global game is nonstop. For over 100 years soccer has taken the world captive by the pure joy and passion it evokes from those of us who have had the chance to play, coach, and watch it masterfully unfold before our very eyes. Soccer has this uncanny ability to remove barriers, destroy stereotypes and bring people together in an extraordinary way. Whether it’s meeting lifelong friends, establishing a consistent work ethic, or learning how to handle victory and defeat, the beautiful game changes you.

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, whether this is your first time thinking about playing or you have been playing from the moment you could first walk, we believe the beautiful game is for you. Our heart is to bring the global game to your doorstep locally. Our coaches have been around the world playing, learning how to develop players, equipping coaches, and watching the game take people’s breath away from local streets to the World Cup.

Advantage Academy is a movement of soccer taking Northwest Arkansas by storm. We’re a group of people that are players, coaches and fans who love the beautiful game and want to see our community transformed as we engage with one another through leagues, camps, and lessons for players of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Come join us! Be the Advantage.